Too much of a good thing?

I’m sitting on Telaga beach,  where we first moved onto the boat 5 months ago.  I remember the elation of that day.  We were so excited to start our adventure and be a family again.  And I wonder, can you have too much of a good thing?  Today did not go as planned,  what should have been a 3h trip became 5. Torrential rain delayed our departure, then we were motoring against the tide.  Next we hit a large swell,  unforecasted. We were unprepared.  Sea sick,  no meals prepped and the boat items not secured. Another lesson learned.  

Right now we have a brief reprieve from the constant fighting as the kids are happy when on the beach.  But I miss alone time, it doesn’t exist.  I know this mood will pass but today boat life is not all roses.  

More posts are in the pipeline,  and I promise they will be more upbeat.  Til then,  I hope the sun shines in your corner of this small blue ball. 

Sailing through life

The sun sets across the sleepy bay scattered with yachts.  From my vantage point at the beach bar, I glance at the kids playing on the waterline and realise it’s time to get back to the boat.  Time to slurp the last of my mojito (moe-JYE-toe), round up beach toys and say goodbye to our new friends.  It’s been a lovely afternoon chatting with another boat family while their kids and ours play.  As our dingy scoots back to the boat in the fading light, cool wind in our hair, I remember it’s a Thursday.


That sunset!

Lots of nothing has happened since I last wrote.  When was that?  Two weeks ago? A month? I’m losing track.  But lots has happened too.  On the eve of leaving Thailand, we had a change of heart and decided to extend our visa.  Off we went to immigration, half a day and a $20 bribe later we had an extra month.  Best decision ever!  We started looking for places to go away from the manic tourism of Phuket.  Day by day, we started learning about the next anchorage north.  Until we ended up here: Koh Phayam just next to the Myanmar border.  Koh Phayam is sleepy, like really sleepy: a few European hippies a few beach bungalows, no cars.  Come check it out before one billion Chinese tourists in trip boats learn about it.


Lots of nothing: bathtime at sunset


Lots of nothing: just a regular swim


Lot’s of nothing: trailing toy boats underway in the early morning sun


Lots of nothing: naptime or train time?

Are we having fun?  Yes sir-ee!  Without the distractions of city living I am finding time to do things I’ve not before.  I made my first labneh (yogurt cheese) today.  I am working on things with the kids that take time and attention, like getting them to participate in chores.  We practice writing in the sand.  The kids are learning to entertain themselves with very little, a skill I want my kids to learn.  We stumbled upon the most magical island one day, almost deserted, so we spent an entire day hanging out on our own little piece of paradise.  Our life is other people’s two week vacay to Thailand.


Helping with the cooking: chickpea, potato and left over rice patties.  Yes, you get creative when there are no shops nearby!



Enjoying daddies homemade chicken pie for dinner


A, B, C, D, E, F, Geee…..

Is it easy?  No sir-ee!  I had a shower tonight at the beach bar.  First shower in a month.  Most nights we sleep salty.  Water is a premium and most of our fresh water seems to be going to laundry.  Take the other morning for example.  The first sound I heard in the morning was, ‘mummy, I’ve got wet pants’.  There goes hours of my day washing the bed sheets. Normally MrFour is really good, but this was the third ‘accident’ in a week.  Exhausting!  While I washed bed sheets, the sun rising, a horrible poo smell emanated up through the hatch.  Oh no.  MissTwo, who only wears a night nappy couldn’t take it off to get to the toilet in time.  When she eventually got it off she stood in it and walked to the loo to finish her business!  Hmm, maybe we won’t embark on a 8 hour journey today, it’s ‘cleaning day’ instead!

So on we go: salty and a little smelly, charting our next destination on the fly.  How long will we stay in Koh Phayam?  No idea!


Leora enjoys a jam scone while Kynan swims at our magical paradise island