We are a family of four: Justin, Lynita (me), Kynan (8) and Leora (6).

For over a decade we dreamed of a life afloat.  It’s taken a while but on Kynan’s 5th birthday (13 October 2017), we launched our boat and into a life afloat.

How did we get here? The biggest step was getting serious about ‘the plan’ and considering ‘the plan’ in every decision we made.  This took several years:  Saving money and having a financial goal as well as buying (and selling) properties.  We’ve been fortunate enough to have good jobs and good luck.  Then kids came along, add another four years…..

We stopped work in June 2016, and spent two months exploring Australia’s SE coast in the middle of winter.  From that we learnt to live together in a small space.  Then we moved to SE Asia where we spent 9 months fixing and sailing on Justin’s parents’ boat.  We liked it enough to look for our own boat.

Lots of research and searching later, we found our dream boat – a 30 year old 44ft (13m) Oyster ketch called Dizzie.  She is in need of some TLC, But!  We reached our goal!  

Since then we have spent countless hours working on improving and upgrading her.  Justin spent two winters in Sicily working on her while the kids attended the local school and preschool.  In the past 4 years, she has taken us around the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic and into the Caribbean.  Dizzie is still the perfect boat for us and we are very comfortable.  As the kids grow, so our lifestyle changes, no longer do we get around with baby carriers and strollers, but we do spend a lot of time doing school work and we watch them become confident, independent little people.  

After 4 years of watching our properties stagnate and our savings decline, our next challenge is to make our life financially sustainable.  So, bring on the next challenge!  Because, heck, I don’t want to give up on the nomadic life.

Follow our journey.


Us in the beginning October 2016