Gone Greek

We look out over Syracuse bay with the tourists enjoying the cool of evening.  A boat comes in to anchor in the fading light.  Behind us the kids scoot up and down the pavement.  Below our vantage point the beach bar is all abuzz.  Last night it was all dance tunes and diners.  Tonight it’s the demolition crew.  Summer is over, the long evenings gone and we are a week away from returning to our winter refuge.  Too soon the cruising season has finished and tomorrow the first big storm will blow through the Med.  I guess the situation puts me into a reflective mood because I turn to Justin and say “It’s not a bad life, is it”.

42457863_732693013757912_6406907392386138112_n (640x350)

Spotting Dizzie (second on right) in the Athens marina

Where did the time go?  We had loose plans, none of which eventuated, but we did have a fantastic time pottering around and experiencing Greece.  We had solitude and we had crazy busy anchorages.  We had stunning beaches and beaches that look amazing on google earth, but turned out to be rocky.  We swam in crystal clear water.  We visited quaint little towns and world class ancient ruins.  We ran the tourist gauntlet and mixed with locals in the real towns.  We tried to kitesurf and failed, bought a new kite and returned two months later to tick the kitesurfing box.  We visited Athens and passed through the Corinth Canal.  We also did life: fixed boat problems, introduced boat school, we shopped for groceries and visited doctors.  We met up with friends and made new ones.

42419138_269971603851432_7094194269614768128_n (640x474)

Early morning solitude at Kleftiko caves, Milos

42485911_744527302597571_491766900624195584_n (640x480)

Mixing with tourists at Sarakiniko beach, Milos

42470494_1074287086063996_9211455607142350848_n (451x640)

Getting lost in the blue and white streets of Plaka, Milos

42447172_2278214725735059_7557046312235958272_n (440x640)

Comtemplating ice creams in Plaka, Milos

42363075_320431955174787_7071997217204076544_n (640x480)

On top of the world, Monemvasia

42472031_707992572912179_8325691913139126272_n (640x393)

Ruins of the ancient city, Monemvasia

42580214_1003381833177964_4763354993119985664_n (640x479)

Still smiling after climbing all the way to the top of Monemvasia

42636038_2068608283450821_4726730754720006144_n (540x414)

A lovely cool church where we sat and recovered from hiking up the cliff, Monemvasia

42576276_2266534266893770_7019396550866501632_n (640x587)

Old city of Methonia

42422359_726743744327316_6861483037322903552_n (640x486)

Bridge to the fortress, Methoni

42614829_329251887829320_2445847716018782208_n (640x392)

Watching Justin kitesurf, Acheloos Poramos rivermouth

42465713_288431708432102_1779132276144078848_n (640x480)

The collapsed columns of the Temple of Zeus were huge, Ancient Olympia

42331090_1965665680162679_5817970138044956672_n (640x411)

Leora, first across the line, Kynan second, Lynita a distant third.  Running track, Ancient Olympia

42435070_428690714323292_7710203669190279168_n (640x480)

Everyone happy to see our friends from SV Yves Christian who are also returning to the same marina as us.

42427613_473086736538816_5140048939516428288_n (526x570)

Tripping around with new friends from SV Itsadoddle

42558305_451399361933406_8523254146692808704_n (640x501)

Love our IKEA swing!  A great way to burn energy on Dizzie

42448846_850820881974437_6050137030476693504_n (640x475)

The proud face of a girl who just proved to herself she could swim

42455093_247006145985404_5219090085953142784_n (640x479)

Trying their hand at a spot of fishing underway

42416632_631161797285440_8688358346022977536_n (640x492)

Sausage roll production line

42420502_308297406647908_7619607475884392448_n (640x480)

Board game central

42460421_267144894131320_600637028723326976_n (640x418)

Leaf investigation, boat school

42555345_721309314880202_2231801329263575040_n (640x567)

Surface tension of water exploration

It’s been a full 5 months, and I’m sad it’s over, but I’m also looking forward to the challenges and goals planned for the winter.  But back to tonight, we have put out all our 75m of chain and pulled back hard and tied onto the town quay.  Fingers crossed we stay put over the next 72hours….



  1. Beautifully written as always Lynita!!!
    It’s so lovely to keep up with your adventures – it seems very far away and different to our world here. What fabulous memories and experiences you and Justin are creating for Kynan and Leora – and yourselves!!!
    I’m in awe every time I read one of your posts. You are amazing for making this happen, and keeping at it, and I’m always a little envious that we haven’t done something similar with our boys. Moreton just doesn’t cut it compared to the Greek islands, but then I have to check myself and remember that it’s ok to just do us; and hopefully we can use a little of your travels to inspire our “one day” trip!
    Big hugs as always, xox
    Tania Goossen


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