We sit in the cockpit watching the disturbed seas. Whirly whirly’s form and dissipate. Once again we are boat bound as strong winds buffet Dizzie. Maybe we are overly cautious staying on the boat, after all we are tied very securely to the wall of a marina. All this sitting does not excite young kids but fortunately their boredom drives creativity. Leora wants to dance. With the lack of music, she requests songs from me. So while we watch the Dizzie straining against her ropes in strong gusts, she dances enthusiastically and I sing (stupendiously!). Kynan soon appears with a saucepan and beats out a rhythm. What a sight we are! Carefree dancing, saucepan bashing, melodiously(?) singing on a boat trying to rip bollards out of the concrete wall.

Justin points at an approaching wall of water being whipped off the seas by angry winds. We watch it approach. That roller-coaster moment. Dizzie leans hard against it’s ropes, then rebounds back into the wall at an alarming angle. The wind increases to 40 knots and doesn’t drop for 10 minutes. 50 knots (that’s about 95km/h). We’re leaning into the wall so much that the fenders have dropped almost too low to protect our boat from the concrete. Justin looks at ropes, I yell the wind speed between choruses. I don’t even realise I’m still singing until I hear the kids yelling. “Stop mum, the song already finished!” Oh.  I put the TV on.

Without a schedule we have the luxury to put ourselves in a safe place when the forecast calls for it.  It’s taken us a month to travel 200kms, through an area most sailors consider uninteresting.  Our cruising rhythm has slowed and our happiness risen. We explore the towns others call an overnight stop. We cycle all over the pedestrianised town of Mesalonghi, the noisy one with loud bars. We hike up to hilltop castles, because we can. Our best adventures are found when we are lost.  Instead we find secret tracks, butterflies, cicada shells and incredible views. We play with Greek holiday makers on rocky beaches and chat with kids practicing English. On sleepy little islands almost forgotten by the world we glimpse into alternative lifestyles where fellow humans have found their own perfect paradise. We become bee-keepers. We choose our own anchorages not listed in the pilot book and share bays with.. not a soul. This slow month will be a cherished memory of dancing to the rhythm of our own drum.

38284410_10155506526447624_6618182704896671744_n (480x640)

Making his own fun in Mesalonghi

38289315_10157146502742788_8844408174472593408_n (640x405)

Hanging out on the wall in Mesalonghi

38218367_10155506528602624_3347637509256380416_n (640x480)

Navpaktos and a hill climb challenge to the castle

38281170_10155506640937624_784446785585152000_n (640x466)

Getting very lost and finding a better track (well kinda lost, who is ever lost with google maps these days?)

38292823_10155506534472624_8091661155224780800_n (640x480)

Still smiling at the top of Navpatkos castle

38190303_10157146507437788_8787695098423934976_n (640x357)

View worth the climb

38014006_10155506537087624_2620593678841806848_n (640x428)

Beautiful sleepy island of Trizonia

38391727_10155506637597624_1505417656797233152_n (640x467)

Trail finding on Trizonia

38197382_10155506540177624_5070110512407117824_n (640x464)

Not trail finding on Trizonia

38164169_10155506542162624_2089048715267407872_n (640x480)

A rare smile on an early morning trip to Delphi

38168714_10157146510177788_3833430307940335616_n (452x640)

Delphi an amazing place with an amazing history.  Something that photos will never capture.  (and the phase of stupid faces in photos.)

38050949_10157146527132788_5932344558791688192_n (640x360)

Imagine, once apon a time, seeing performances here, surrounded by these hills.  Truly an amazing place.  Delphi.

But all good things must end. Now we pass through the Corinth Canal and swap this isolation for a marina, smack bang in the middle of Athens. What new adventure awaits us?

38047724_10155506553787624_2552708164495605760_n (640x480)

Good bye Gulf of Corinth

37974618_10155506627987624_3932765973714567168_n (537x640)

Looking ahead to what lies beyond the Corinth Canal



  1. Thanks for new update. That first photo of Trizonia looks simply idyllic, memories you’ll cherish forever. Love to you all.


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