A life of contrasts

4am. Sleep and I are yet to meet.  The unmusical cacophony from several bars bounces across the bay and prevents our anticipated meeting.  As I lie here wondering when it will stop I can’t help but compare the difference to last night.  The refreshing tranquillity of the last few nights was just was we needed.  We found our own private paradise island in the middle of chaotic touristy Greece.  It was populated by seagulls and… us!  Patches of reeds hiding fish interspersed by shallow sandy watercourses created by the outflow from the longest river in Greece.  For four days our routine became boat school and beach time.  We spent hours exploring, collecting shells, building sand castles and playing on the SUP.  Here in the Mediterranean, the tightly packed anchorages and pebble beaches are very different from our Asian cruising experience.  An experience that has already relegated to rose tinted memories.  Happily, we re-found our focus in this Greek river mouth and again it seems like the floating life is the right path.  But back to tonight, one by one the bars close, and I sense sleep will arrive soon.  Ahhhhhzzzzzzzzzzzz.

36959182_10155463106542624_5518584344551096320_n (640x478)

All the time in the world for sand castle creations

36956214_10155463108187624_6439567547770601472_n (640x504)

… or water shenanigans

37007076_10155463108542624_6094635825125916672_n (640x487)

Sunset swim and happy birthday to me beer

36821201_10157088102917788_3321094624252002304_n (640x392)

Taking in the view from Dizzie of our piece of paradise

36860334_10157088117247788_731869582653915136_n (640x477)

Boat time

36968044_10155463111757624_1803729510898597888_n (640x480)

We have entered the phase of board games.  A nice way to end a beach day (if you’re under 10, ha ha).  How much do kids LOVE family game time!!


I had intended to restart writing our story once we left our winter home in Sicily, but the inclination wasn’t there.  Truth is, we were struggling, things broke daily, expensive things, and discouragement set in.  Our confidence managing the boat was low and I became an anxious person.  Some soul searching lead me to acknowledge that we had lost our goal.  For so long we worked towards this and now we no longer had a goal.  Having a goal is a beautiful thing.  On top of that, we all struggled with the contrast from our settled Sicilian life where the kids attended preschool to the unpredictable cruising life.  But I’m pleased to say we are finding our groove, the sun is shining in my soul again and I’m excited about the future.  Once again we are cast adrift and happy with the direction the water flows.

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  1. Hi Lynita ( & family!), lovely to be able to read your blog again, sorry to hear you had a moment of doubt,but glad your mojo is back! You’ve worked and planned so hard for this time in your life, so I hope it is everything you dreamed of. Everyone looks happy and healthy,and that shows you’re doing something right! I have been enjoying the photos that you put up on Instagram, so you’re never forgotten. Safe travels, make the most of this wonderful adventure, love always from Wilma & Eric.xx

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