Chillin’ in S-chillya

We pull up to the marina gate, it’s 8pm on Friday night and Justin’s been driving for 2 hours, both kids are asleep.  We are all happy to return to our boat after a week tripping around Sicily.  It’s not that we’ve had a terrible time, quite the opposite.   As the handbrake creaks on, I look down the pontoon towards the masts, it looks desolate in the spotlight but I’m eager to walk down it.  Something amazing happened in the last month. I didn’t notice it happening, but it did and it’s huge: Dizzie feels like home.

A month ago, we went away for the long weekend and I was so looking forward to a flush loo and a loooooong hot daily shower. I thought I’d never want to return to the boat (turns out daily showering is over-rated).  How quickly it changed.

This past week we pretended to be tourists.  We saw ‘the great sights where boom bands were playing’ (from the outside); stayed in the Sicilian capital for new years (celebrating the bells inside a BnB); and had respect for families who travel without a boat.  It was a great trip, and if I was serious about blogging, I’d title this, “The best things to do in Sicily with kids”.  But I’m not.  The best things to do with OUR kids were:

2017-12-30 14.40.40 (640x376)

Valley of the temples (Agrigento) – seriously old buildings not in a valley

2017-12-30 15.09.14 (640x350)



P_20171231_123938[3550] (4) (562x640)

Monreale – with a most amazing cathedral (apparently – we arrived just as it was closing for siesta, ha ha!)

2017-12-31 13.59.51 (640x470)

An alternative activity in Monreale = playground.  Photo taken at midnight (Sydney time) for NYE.  

2017-12-31 19.39.48 (640x360)

NYE Palermo – 2 kids, 2 strollers, 2 helium balloons, 1 stick of fairy floss, 2 tired parents 9pm.

2018-01-01 12.00.09 (640x356)

Cool old stuff (Palermo)

2018-01-01 12.49.33 (640x591)

Cool fresh stuff = Cannoli, coffee, a sleeping child and a toy car (Palermo).

2018-01-04 15.24.02 (640x360)

Vulcanetti – or bubbling mud.  LOADS of fun, LOADS of muddy clothes (Caltanissetta).

2018-01-04 12.43.24j (2) (538x640)

Sicilian cemetery, seriously interesting (Caltanissetta)


2018-01-04 11.22.58 (640x432)

Walk weary (Caltanissetta)

2018-01-04 10.05.26 (640x381)

Caltanissetta piazza

2018-01-04 12.43.24 (640x360)

Leora, ‘Fluffy’ and Justin learning italian by watching TV

2018-01-04 10.29.31 (431x640)

Sometimes a feather and a tap in the middle of a car park is the best activity ever (Caltanisetta).

P_20180103_122444[3548] (3) (640x363)

Picnic lunch on a deserted beach somewhere between Palermo and Cefalu

2018-01-05 11.17.52 (640x330)

The town of Enna perched on a precipice like so many other Sicilian towns.  Clearly ease of access was NOT a preferred location back in the day.

2018-01-05 11.08.51 (360x640)

Enjoying a free guided tour of free Enna Castle while munchkins run.

If you love really old stuff, unpretentious people and amazing vista’s – check out Sicily!  I’m just a little in love with her.  But now our trip is over, preschool is back and the task of preparing for summer sailing is still overwhelming.

We hope your holiday period was also full of smiles!

Ps.  My eyesight has vastly improved, hopefully no more trips to Pronto Soccorso!


    1. Thanks Floss. Yes we love her as a home. She’s about as perfect a layout as we could want. But! we can identify with you with the insurmountable list of jobs. Everyday the list gets longer, not shorter. *sigh*


  1. Loving reading back through your adventures now I’ve got summer holiday time to catch up on such things. Have always wanted to get back to Italy and head to the south…new inspiration


    1. Chrissie, it is fantastic here. Being such a strategic location in the Med the history is varied, sometimes gruesome but always fascinating! The scenery is breathtaking, the coffee is quality and the folks are friendly. Happy new year my friend xx


  2. Glad the eyesight is on the mend,looks like you had a lovely relaxing time together, also understand your growing attachment to “Dizzie”, everyone needs an anchor. As always, keep safe and enjoy every day. Xx


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