How to choose a family sailing boat (2)

We had spent a month searching the internet for a boat, and it had lead us to one boat.  Now our offer on her had been rejected.  We had no plan B.

  A week passed.  Then we had a rare opportunity to talk uninterrupted.  (Thanks Pat and Claude for the kid-free lunch).  We had the ‘where too from here’ conversation and came up with a plan of attack: (1) pursue a less sturdy boat in Greece, (2) enquire if the French fixer-upper-er Oyster would come down in price to meet our budget, (3) increase our offer on first Oyster.  We put the plan into action that afternoon.

kidsnme (2) (640x489)

Still smiling, despite the hiccups.

The Greek boat, on inquiry, had been withdrawn from sale, strike one out.  The fixer-upper-er in France… would they come down….?  yes, enough. YES!  OK, we’ll book flights ASAP!  Last minute flights to the south of France in peak season, ya dreamin’.

IMG_3596 (640x480)

The fixer-upper needs a new deck, among other things.

With a bit of creative traveling we found flights, so off went Justin and Claude, while I visited with my dad in Ayr, Scotland.  The broker couldn’t meet them at the boat, as it was his daughter’s wedding day.  Fair call.  So while I sit in a playground in Ayr having a lovely chat and coffee with my somethingth cousin.  Justin sends me regular texts, “looked at the outside, looks good!”  <insert protracted 2 hour wait> “yep, we should offer on this boat”.  STOP THE CLOCKS, I’m emailing Mr Father-Of-The-Bride: We would like to buy the boat.  Eeek!  Now the waiting game.

meemail (2) (640x480)

Writing that email to Mr F.O.T.B. midway through a stroll in the park.

On Monday morning, I called the broker, no answer.  Minutes later I receive a text from Mr F.O.T.B, “I AM SICK PLS CALL MY SUPERVISOR”.  Too much French wine, me thinks.   Turns out Mr F.O.T.B, had a possible stroke on his daughters wedding day. (No, Seriously.)  His supervisor, in England, has no idea what is going on, but does her best to contact the owner.  24h later – no reply.

Five days later still no answer.  We grow despondent, I guess the owner isn’t interested in selling.  You would have to be in the middle of an ocean if you weren’t replying to an email like, “We have a buyer for your boat”.  We enter the weekend with heavy hearts.  Maybe we aren’t meant to be boat owners just yet.

On Sunday morning, I sneak away for an hour and start random googling, as I knew the owners last name.  “Mr-Owner Oyster Boat-name”.  A friend suggested googling the boat after they learnt the unpleasant history of their own boat.  For an hour I searched desperately for an answer to why we haven’t heard.  Then this: A blog about a sinking boat being rescued by Mr-Owner during the Oyster World Rally.  Coincidental?  More random googles.  AAAAAND There it is:  The facebook page of Mr-Owner to his brand spanking new Oyster boat…  AND his precise location.  Where? Just the Middle Of The Pacific Ocean.  Depression turns to hope… within two days we have confirmation from a tiny coral atoll that the owner wishes to sell!  Whoop!  We will have a boat!!!

2017-08-12 08.16.31 (360x640)

A cheeky little App that shows where the boats are on the Oyster World Rally, including Mr-Owner.  (we know where you are…spooky, huh!)

Her name is Dizzie, she is a 1987 Oyster 435 DS and she is our dream boat.  Well.. she will be after a couple of months of hard work.  On Wednesday I will get my first look at her, Bonjour Dizzie!

We are so happy!!

Oyster 435 Ancasta Saloon 1 (640x426)

The saloon, lovely and homely.

Oyster 435 Ancasta Front cab 1 (640x426)

The guest bedroom 🙂

IMG_3663 (640x485)



  1. Looks like things are going your way, talk about “if there’s a will,there’s a way!”you’d make a great detective Lynita! Hope you’re soon living your dream again, with love, Wilma & Eric.xx


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