The gift of time on the deep blue

As day broke this morning the wind increased enough to fill the sails.  The first time in two days.  Everyone was sleeping so in the pre-morning quiet I took the reef out of the main sail, pulled out the jib and hoisted the ‘wee’ sail.  (That wee sail probably has a name but that’s all I’ve ever heard it refer to as).  Quietly impressed with myself, I turn off the engine.  Ahhh the silence.

It’s now four hours later, 10am and I’m on watch again.  Justin is napping, the kids eat popcorn on their bed and watch movies.  I’m tired.  This is day three.  But the ocean is a glorious rich navy blue and that makes me happy.  So does the GPS, it says just under 10 Nautical Miles (18Km) to our destination.  In a few hours we will be exploring a new country.

2017-04-15 08.47.25 (640x360)

Movie time

2017-04-16 09.44.55 (640x360)

GPS say: nearly there

The trip has been delightful, I have never had so much time.  There are no bills to pay, no grocery shopping required, no internet.  Just us in this microcosm of family life bobbing on an ocean.  We’ve read lots of books and played silly games.  First thing I’m going to do when we drop anchor is jump in for a swim.

2017-04-13 10.07.58 (640x356)

We went rummaging for an Indonesian flag and found a Scottish one instead.  So now we are flying it.

2017-04-14 10.54.23 (640x480)

Cubby house games

2017-04-14 18.33.42 (640x472)

First sunset at sea, and a little play on the deck in the cool of the evening.

2017-04-15 18.00.32 (640x360)

This fisherman came asking for cigarettes in the middle of nowhere.  He left empty handed but came back 30 minutes later with his two boys, who were all highly amused by our kids.

IMG_20170415_181005 (640x360)

Collecting water for ‘bath time’

2017-04-15 18.39.01 (640x350)

Washing done, sun setting, time for bed time stories.






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