A visit from home

2017-03-31 10.50.00 (640x342)

On our way to pick up ‘nan’. Excited much?

Last Friday, my mum came for a week.  We now receive guests as opposed to being boat guests.  Despite my excitement about mum’s impending visit, I worried:

  • Will she cope with …the heat?  …the small space?
  • Will she manage clambering in and out of a dingy on a beach or in choppy conditions?
  • Do we have enough linen/food/fans?
  • Will she cope without a shower?
  • What will we do every day?
  • Will there be space for her stuff on the boat?

I shouldn’t have worried, mum was really easy-going.  We had a great time and the week went fast.  We visited a large fresh water lake (one shower covered), we cleaned the hull while Leora slept and ‘nan’ swam with Kynan.  Mum witnessed the most exciting event when Kynan asked to swim without his floaty in the sea.  A few weeks ago, he started swimming in a pool, but a clear pool 1.5m deep is quite different to choppy, murky 4m deep ocean!  I wasn’t ready, but if he is, OK!  Let’s do this!  WOW!  My boy can swim!

2017-04-02 09.40.37 (640x356)

Showing mum the best of Langkawi

2017-04-04 12.35.11 (640x355)

Beach time with nan

Another day we hired a car and visited our favorite waterfall (another shower covered).  Mum embraced boat life by even washing her hair in the seawater.  Then before we knew it, it was leaving day.  On this day, as usual we were taking ages to get off the boat.  Snacks, toys and swimmers packed; kids sun-screened, dressed, life jacketed, sunnies and hat (the order is important); hatches closed, power off, boat locked.  Not quick.  Storm clouds loomed, I worked faster (read: I yelled more frantically).  We quickly piled into the dingy and I untied us.  As we motored away with mum and her luggage I realised I forgot my hat and sunnies, drat.  Then mum pipes up, ‘should that hatch be open?’.  U-turn, shut hatch, collect hat/sunnies.  The first big drops fell as we unloaded the dingy and by the time we had hired a car for the airport it was torrential.  There goes our last beach trip.  Them’s the breaks. But at least I had my hat and sunnies on this now grey day!

IMG_20170404_094456 (640x408)

Mum washes her hair after Kynan’s epic first swim.

IMG_20170402_152649 (640x495)

Boat entertainment courtesy of nan

2017-04-02 18.06.54 (640x458)

Demonstrating to nan how they entertain themselves

Nan/mum has gone and the boat feels a little quieter without her.

Now we are thinking about the next moves.  Our intro to boat life is nearing an end.  The dry season has passed and storm clouds rise most days.  The season is in transition, it’s time to move on.

We spend many a night contemplating the ‘what next’ question.  For now I can see a clear path four months ahead.  In mid May, we go La Coruna, Spain for a month then on to visit Justin’s family in Glasgow.  Beyond that, we have NO IDEA.

But hang on!  We’ve still got a month before we leave Asia.  I know, lets pop over to Indonesia.  OK.  We leave at first light tomorrow, weather permitting.  Our first real “passage”.  Wish us luck!



  1. What beautiful photos. Lynita,it must have been wonderful to have your Mum there,and I know the feeling would have been mutual.


  2. We know Colleen loved visiting as much as you loved having her on board. What a wonderful family experience, & such great memories for the kids. Keep on enjoying your adventure😎


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