Too much of a good thing?

I’m sitting on Telaga beach,  where we first moved onto the boat 5 months ago.  I remember the elation of that day.  We were so excited to start our adventure and be a family again.  And I wonder, can you have too much of a good thing?  Today did not go as planned,  what should have been a 3h trip became 5. Torrential rain delayed our departure, then we were motoring against the tide.  Next we hit a large swell,  unforecasted. We were unprepared.  Sea sick,  no meals prepped and the boat items not secured. Another lesson learned.  

Right now we have a brief reprieve from the constant fighting as the kids are happy when on the beach.  But I miss alone time, it doesn’t exist.  I know this mood will pass but today boat life is not all roses.  

More posts are in the pipeline,  and I promise they will be more upbeat.  Til then,  I hope the sun shines in your corner of this small blue ball. 


  1. If it were all fun and roses, you couldn’t appreciate the good days. Days like today just let you realise how special the swimming off the boat and fruity Fridays truly are. Plus, when you do live in civilisation again, you’ll never take your windows, roof or car for granted again.
    Great to hear from you again and look forward to all your posts, however whinging or joyous they may be.


    1. Thanks Meak! You are so right. And yes, Windows that don’t leak, or a car to pop to the shops will certainly be appreciated in future.
      Wish we could repeat Hawaii for a one year reunion, ha ha how good would that be! xx


  2. Dear Lynita, some days I just wish I could give you a hug, I hope things are already looking up. Very glad to read you had a visit from your Mum. We had coffee with your Dad in Sydney a couple of weeks ago,he brought us up to date with your travels, said you keep in touch regularly,so that’s good.(We were there to see David,he was fine.) We look forward to reading your blog each time and hope you have a Happy Easter. Bye for now, love from Wilma & Eric.


    1. Hey, a big hug from you would go down a treat. Glad you caught up with dad and David. Are you still planning a Scotland trip?, it would be great if we could cross paths later in the year


  3. You are in the experience of a lifetime Lynita. We love following your escapades. Hang in there, it will get better. Stay safe xx


      1. Yes,we are planning our trip to Britain,it’s very exciting.We leave here on 19th of July, return home on 20th September.In London 4 days,then train to Edinburgh,3 nights there.Collect car,drive to Glasgow,4 nights there,drive to Ayr (where Howie’s are from) ,2 nights there,then drive downwards to Gretna Green,Penrith,Liverpool,staying 4nights at Liverpool ( Mark’s other half,Sara,comes from there),then ferry from Liverpool to Dublin,with car, drive to Athlone,Galway,Limerick,Killarney,Waterford.Then,ferry back to Wales,stay at Aberystwyth,Swansea,Drive to Bristol,Tinatel(near Port Issac,where “Doc Martin” is filmed),on to Exeter,Weymouth,Burley,Salisbury,Winchester,Oxford & Hastings,return car in Bath.Last night at hotel at Heathrow,then home. So… will be in Scotland 24/7 to 2/8….if you’re there around then,we’ll give you a call,it would be lovely to see you. Safe travels (for both of us!), love from Wilma.x


  4. So happy to hear from you after long time. I was wondering how are you doing? Boating life is great but has its ups and downs and after this first trip you will know that the best. Glad that you are recovering and relatively all is O.K. . KEEP UP YOUR SPIRIT AND GIVE THOSE TWO LITTLE TRAVELLERS BIG HUG FROM ME. Love to all Lillian xxxxx


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