Last Friday morning we motor-sailed from Phi Phi to Phuket to officially enter Thailand.  The wind was behind us and we were looking forward to slowing down.  Justin put the engine on to give us a nudge, then went for a nap. I was in the cockpit with Claude, Patricia and the kids downstairs. Then it happened: the engine stopped.

Had we snagged a fishing float? no.

Would it restart?  no.

We had no engine. No. Engine.

We reached Phuket under sail but needed the dingy to push us the final mile into the Bay and anchored.

Once we completed immigration we had a long weekend to contemplate the situation.  A new engine is needed.

Right now I don’t know how it will happen, Claude and Patricia have lots to consider.  For us it means at least a month before we’re sailing again. Today we looked for a Marina to haul out and tow us in, a new engine and someone to install it….  and last minute accommodation during peak season.

I will share more about our plan as we make one. In the meantime, kids still require entertaining.

Checking out the daily catch at the fish market.


  1. Oh Dear!! Still,I’m glad you’ve reached Phuket safely.Hope you can find somewhere nice to stay and have a break for Christmas. You must be looking forward to seeing your Dad then too. Lots of love from Wilma & Eric.xx


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