Leaving Langkawi under sail

Once again, we stand on the edge of the unknown: family life afloat. Tomorrow we move onto the boat!  Langkawi will forever hold a special place in my heart as the island where our adventure began.  It’s a feeling akin to waking up on Saturday morning: your outlook is forward to an empty day full of possibilities. Such is our adventure.


Justin enjoying the view from Cenang Beach toward Rebak Island (where the boat is)

I love Langkawi with her jagged mountains and glistening seas dotted with islands.  Her local birds entertain us at breakfast and our little home is surrounded by rice padi’s where  neighbourhood kids swim and play.   We’ve had fun discovering foreign food and we’ve made new friends.


Kynan scoots along our street past the water buffalo


Chicken skewers!  A favourite from the weekly night markets (20 for $3AUD)

It hasn’t been all roses, though, in reality a big part of my time here was solo parenting without a weekend.  Eventually, I won’t remember everyday felt like a Monday, entertaining kids day after day while Justin worked on the boat with his parents.  I’ll look back at pictures (quickly snapped before fighting started) and think, ‘our time in Langkawi was good’.  So October was a LOOOOONG month for all of us.  But, as the calendar flipped over, November got interesting.


One of those quickly snapped photos.  Yes, that is my kids holding hands and eating breakfast.  Owww.


Always looking for new ways to entertain kids.  Unfortunately it didn’t last long as Kynan put bubbles in Leora’s eyes.

Boat work finished!  Time for some practice sailing!  That equalled two good things: a break from constant childcare and learning new skills.  Claude, Justin’s dad, was our coach.  Thank you, Claude, for your patience; and thank you Patricia, Justin’s mum, for the three days of childcare.


Me at the helm on a calm day.  Glamorous in my sailing hat.

To add to the excitement, we had a sleep over on the boat.  The night went surprisingly well considering it coincided with a torrential downpour that had us eating dinner on the floor of the boat.  The kids didn’t care, they loved it.  (YES!).  We went straight from the sleep over to the airport as we had our first visitors arriving!  Holly and Mark reminded us we were living in paradise.  Holly and I got foot massages and drinks at swim up bars.  Yeah!  I didn’t realise how much I needed some girlfriend time.  Thank you guys, you have no idea how much it means that you came to visit.  I now feel refreshed and re-energised (if not a little sleep deprived) and I’m so ready for the next part of our adventure to start.


Malaysian dinner in a rice padi with Mark and Holly


Seven Wells waterfalls with Holly and Mark

So here we are on the eve of boat life: The last load of clothes washed, last shower had and electrical items charged.  It’s five months (!) since we stopped work and finally we are about to start. Really. Sailing.

Goodbye Langkawi xxooxx


I leave you with a pic of Kynan on our regular trek to catch the Rebak Island ferry.

Thailand, here we come!


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure, we think of you often, and look forward to each new post. Enjoy every day and take care of each other, love from Eric & Wilma.xx


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