Langkawi Living

Wow, it was a shock to my well-established-systems to drop us in the middle of Malaysia.

For the first week we lived on chicken, rice and roti’s.  Not a recommended long term dietary choice.  So we hired a car for two weeks and I felt like a bird.  When the car hire ended, I was panicking about having my wings clipped.  But it’s OK, we’ve now found cheaper local food stalls with fresher produce then hire a car once a week to go shopping.  We can eat decently.


Cars are also great for naps apparently


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Food adventures

As an added bonus, wet season is here, and it’s so much cooler.  So I can carry Leora for some walks and Kynan is walking further.  This is pretty important because I am solo parenting a lot right now.  Boat works are in full swing and Justin leaves after brekkie each day and catches a ferry to the marina.  One of the best things about the marina, is the associated resort pool!  We have spent many afternoons here and it’s really improving the kids water skills.  While we flap about in the pool, Justin and his parents work hard: replacing wood panels, upgrading electrics and cleaning up the interior.


Wee walkers


Replacing a wood panel


Meanwhile, we work on our swimming skills

I’m working pretty hard too!  Actually, I’m not.  The kids are great at entertaining themselves and we get crafty when I’m inspired.  They are experiencing new things daily.  For example, we are watching the moon change each night and they’re fascinated with millipedes.  We also celebrated a couple of birthdays, which provided a good excuse to replenish some of the toys we left behind.


Tube people, ha ha!  I don’t promise our craft is amazing.


Examining a millipede

Birthday fun

So for now, things are OK.  But as soon as things get easy, I get bored.  Until, something shakes it up again.  Like the evening we walked into the bedroom we share with the kids, and Justin said, ‘what’s that hanging out of our Air Con?’ before TWO tails vanished back inside.  Kynan’s sleeping mat (on the floor), was directly below the AC and I had found some large gecko poo under his pillow the previous night, urgh!  There was much writhing and squirming going on in the AC this particular night… snakes mating?  We promptly moved out of the room.  We called our landlord the next day and two snakes were indeed removed from our AC!  I saw one snake, it was over a meter long.  CRIKEY!  Needless to say, our AC no longer stinks and those very large ‘gecko’ poo’s haven’t been seen again.


See the tail?  There is also a snake skin falling onto the electrical socket

Today was another interesting day, the boat came out of the water (so now you can see what a dodgy job I did of scraping the bottom in murky water).  The boat will get a fresh coat of paint and antifouling before being dropped back in the drink.  Anyway, that’s not my concern, which way to that pool again?


Escorting the boat into the crane



Watching the boat being moved


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