Learning to live a new life

I hit rock bottom last night.  I was fantasizing about jumping on a plane home and caravanning around Australia instead.  Lucky I didn’t because today was a better day.

We made a big mistake leaving the double stroller behind.  Too hot to carry kids, too far for them to walk.  Stuck.

So Justin hired a car today.  It’s a big expense, but right now, we need to cope.  On the upside the kids are loving having a home base and space to play freely.


Our host suggested a paddle pool.  Great Idea.


Never travel without duplo, hours of entertainment.

There aren’t cockroaches here (PHEW!), but plenty of geckos and ants, and a toad that occasionally visits our bathroom: That’s OK.  Beach time is great and we went to a water hole today.  Happiness is: a swim under a waterfall.


Kynan trying to outrun the biggest-wave-ever. Ha ha. Leora is flipping sand pancakes.  Tanjung Rhu Beach.


Langkawi falls

As hoped Singapore was a good transition.  We are masters of the Singapore trains (down again, in again, up again, out again, round again, train again).


On the dinner hunt, Orchard Rd Singapore.

We tried to do Sentosa Island.  Huge fail.  Promised the kids a gondola ride (closed for maintenance), took the monorail instead. Went there for a water park (closed for maintenance).  Tried to ride the luge (Leora was too small), luckily she fell asleep so Kynan had a sneaky ride.


Surprisingly fun.  Once. Sentosa Island Singapore.

Couldn’t swim from the beach (oil slick).  Quit, go home.  Thank goodness for Gardens By the Bay, free water park and amazing playground.  Happy days!


Gardens by the Bay, Children’s garden. Singapore.


Kynan and I check out a detailed temple in Little India, Singapore.


Transportation with young kids.  OK in theory.  30.C / 90% humidity = HOT.  But those sleepy cuddles… delish! Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

On another note, I’ve entered the world of blogging.  There are blogging superstars I didn’t know existed.  (One Australian couple just got a free CATamaran from blogging – for real).  I read recently, that to increase readership of a blog, you should write things like ‘Top 10 things to do with kids in Singapore’.  Agh hmm, guilty of reading a few of such blogs in the days preceding our arrival.  THIS will never be one of those blogs.  Those blogs are written by people with perfect families.  We argue, we get lost, we get stuck without food with hungry kids.  CATastrophic.  That’s the only free CAT, I’ll be getting. 🙂


Leora and I enjoy fresh coconut, Black Sands Beach Langkawi.


  1. Oh come on Lynita – I want to see your ‘Top 10’ blog post. (They do get good reach) LOL! Loving your writing style – so honest, real, fresh and so funny xxxx miss you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love reading your blog – so honest!
    PS: there’s no such thing as a perfect family. They only exist in Hollywood scripts, not the real world. You guys are amazing, keep inspiring us with your adventures!


  3. Look forward to reading your blog each time,glad things looked up for you after a trying time. Love that you tell it like it is,you sound refreshingly normal,never lose that! Love to you all.


  4. Amazing photos and beautiful words to go with them. Your blogs will be something to look back on and to always treasure to see how for you have been. Keep on enjoying and sharing. Love Aunty k


  5. Love reading ur blog. Also the ups and down that’s real life but ur living such an amazing adventure and dream. Keep going and have a blast xx


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