One way ticket into the unknown 

I’m not quite terrified, trepidacious maybe?  We’re leaving Australia and I don’t know when we’ll be back.  I’m craving the security of a home, a job, a routine and my friendships.  Why was I not happy with that?  Hang on, I was!  WHAT ARE WE DOING?

The grass is ALWAYS greener somewhere else.

Our bags are packed, our plane awaits.  I know it will be OK, but behind the smiles are nervous anxious choked-back tears.  At least I will be too busy keeping two kids entertained for 8 hours to dwell on what we’ve left behind.

Bye bye Australia!


  1. Dear Lynita, you have an army of people here who wish you nothing but happiness. I hope you all have many wonderful experiences,look at the excitement in your children’s eyes (photo sitting on baggage trolley at airport) they are very fortunate to be living this adventure. We admire your courage,but know you and Justin are very capable,that you will do what is best for you all,and keep safe. Hope we see you again one day,so we can hear all about it. You’re in our thoughts often, with love from Wilma & Eric.xx


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