Snow, sun, sand and sailing.

I had a moment of euphoria the other day.  We had just spent a glorious morning at the beach, followed by lunch with a view.  It was time for Leora’s sleep so I put her in the backpack and set off for a walk.  I love bushwalking alone, but now I am privileged enough to share that moment with my not-so-baby girl drifting off to sleep on my back.  It was pure happiness.

I took a picture and felt grateful for the opportunity to be caravanning.

IMG_20160829_111057 (640x349)

Shelly Beach, Port Macquarie

DSC_0016 (640x358)

Chef and helper

DSC_0019 (640x360)

Happy diners.

DSC_0023 (490x640)

That happy moment with my sleeping girl

We had a three week break from the van and went snowboarding (minus kids – thanks mum!), and cruise-shipping.  The snow was average but we didn’t care – we were kid-free!  We returned in time to repack for a 4 day cruise to Moreton Island.  I’ve decided that big boats are not my thing.  Too much noise, people and ice cream.  It was fun enough though and great to experience it.

2016-08-11 08.52.19 (640x386)

Waiting for the ski run to open…

IMG_20160814_144813112 (640x360)

Departing Circular Quay on Carnivale

IMG_20160816_093614207 (640x360)

Moreton Island.  It felt so weird to be close to ‘home’

2016-08-16 18.49.31 (640x360)

Kynan could not get enough ice cream on the ship.  Lordy, look at that colour

Back to the van and we’ve just spent a really nice week in Forster and Port Macquarie.  It’s been all about enjoying simple pleasures like mud and sunshine.

2016-08-25 15.15.08 (640x336)

Truck bridges (not sure about the height rating on that final bridge).

2016-08-26 13.40.14 (640x346)

Happiness is: a pencil case and texta’s.

IMG_20160827_120333157 (640x360)

Texta’s ain’t got nuthin’ on mud!

DSC_0100 (482x640)

Strawberry picking! A great wet weather activity.

Sadly tonight is our last night in the caravan and we’re cozily tucked up in sleepy scenic Seal Rocks.  I had a fantastic day today, forecast for rain but calm and sunny.  It involved sand play science experiments (don’t tell Kynan), a beach jog, a swim and a crazy unplanned adventure to a lighthouse.

It’s 8:30pm and for the past 90 minutes Kynan has been singing EVERY RANDOM THOUGHT that comes into his head.  My ears are bleeding.  GO TO SLEEP, DAMMIT! 

Despite the challenges, we have all loved our caravanning experience.  If we didn’t have a greater plan, we could happily do this for 18 months.  But we do, and it’s happening soon.  So our thoughts now turn to the next big step: leaving Australia in two weeks and further reducing our belongings to a mere 60kgs.

9:05pm Ahhhhh…. Hear that?  Silence.  Kynan is finally asleep.  Oh silence you beautiful thing!


  1. LOVE reading about your experiences! Lynita,today I met up with your Mum and we had lunch at the cafe in Sherbrooke forest,it was lovely to see her,we chatted for ages. (Conversation turned to gorgeous grandchildren a lot!!) Will be thinking of you as the next chapter of your adventure unfolds,safe travels, love from Wilma. (and Eric.) xx


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