Now what?

After 4 ½ weeks meandering around SE Australia in my mums caravan we have brought it home to Lake Macquarie, north of Sydney.  We are sleeping under a tiled roof tonight.

Already I miss tuktuk of rain on the fibre glass roof.  Already I have put rose-tinted glasses on my memories and I’m really sad it’s over.

Here are some highlights:

2016-07-22 06.59.17 (640x335)

Breakfast sunrise (Eden)

2016-07-19 13.38.23 (640x356)
Lunch with a view (Eden)
2016-07-23 13.16.33 (640x329)

Finding a sunny corner out of the howling wind (Eden)

2016-07-27 17.36.27 (640x236)

Sunset from our site in Batemans Bay, and leisurely strolls into the town.

2016-07-27 11.22.39 (640x258)

Sunny beach days (Batemans Bay).  A great beach to jog on.

2016-07-28 11.12.36 (640x357)

More sunny beach days with kangaroos for company (Batemans Bay)

DSC_0007 (640x360)

Chalk and cars = happy kids (Orange)

DSC_0010 (640x377)

Exploring little towns on route (beautiful, rainy Wellington)

DSC_0011 (516x640)

Bonus playgrounds on route (Denman)

And some lowlights:

Realising that I can’t text Sarah/Tam/AnnaC/AnnaM/Jen for a playdate.  (miss you guys!)

2016-08-02 18.57.27 (640x494)

Making and deconstructing kids beds twice a day – tedious

Suffering methane poisoning in a sealed caravan after a dinner involving baked beans.

## NEWS FLASH ## The writing of tonight’s blog is interrupted by finding a tub of Kynan’s eczema moisturiser spread all over my mum’s new carpet in the kids bedroom.  The incident has been placed in the category: deal-with-that-in-the-morning-and-drink-wine. Leora is still crying. ##

I’ve learnt a lot about myself, my kids and about living together as a family 24/7.  The changes in the kids in just a month are astounding: they play and communicate better.  They still throw massive wobblies but I’m getting better at ignoring them (the wobblies that is).

2016-08-04 18.16.45 (640x396).jpg

Here they are tonight.  Proud of their first combined goal.

So now what?

In six weeks we fly out of Australia with no return ticket. We have a few things to organise: selling our car and final medical clearances.  Then one week in Singapore before we move to Langkawi (Malaysia).  There, Justin and his dad will give Saltire, the boat, a facial before relaunching.  By December we plan to sail with Justin’s parents up to Thailand.  After that the plans get fuzzy….


  1. Have been following your blog (Bruce told us about it) love reading it,as someone mentioned before,you are both wonderful parents,the children’s happy little faces are testament to that! What an adventure,safe travels, love from Wilma & Eric.xx


  2. So impressed Lynita. I can’t imagine doing even a fraction of the adventure you are having. Everyone’s outlook on life is going to completely change.
    Let’s hope the carpet looks better today and you were able to enjoy that wine. Simple pleasures.


  3. Just love reading about your adventures! The kids will have an amazing diary to look back on and see what fantastic parents you are… They really are very lucky! So … Onward! Have a break, recharge, drink wine, wash a carpet and enjoy the ride! Keep us updated. Xx


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