Finding Eden

We finally moved the van!  A big cold front bringing strong winds, rain and SNOW forced us to stay another three days in Melbourne.  The upside: we celebrated my brother’s birthday with him and his lovely family.  His day was spent on Puffing Billy steam train in the Dandenongs.  Near to where our dad grew up.  The next generation of cousins had some quality time.

IMG_20160713_125008762 (640x422)

Brenton, Will, Kynan and Leora riding Puffing Billy

Weather system easing… Now, to that snow business. 🙂 Should we make our first caravanning move up a challenging Alpine Rd to the mountain and the freezing cold?  Would the kids love or hate the snow?  We gamble and head for Dinner Plain snow field.

We nailed it!

Loads of fresh powder on a calm bluebird day.  I saw a new side to my challenging 3yo.  Kynan LOVED the snow, for two days he zoomed down the toboggan slope and trudged back up again and again, complaint free.

DSC_0235 (410x640)

Kynan with a huge grin walking back up the slope, Toboggan in hand.

IMG_20160715_145455251 (640x360)

Snow bunnies!

DSC_0240_1 (640x484)

Proud of our snowman (some of us at least)

At night we eat dinner outside next to our campfire as the temperature plummets, we toast marshmallows.  Best of all both kids ASLEEP BY 7:30.  So Justin and I return to the fire til bedtime as, unbeknown to us, the hosepipes freeze around us.  Magic!!

IMG_20160715_170809627 (640x360)

Omeo campground. We went in search of marshmallow sticks, now we’re ready to toast.

DSC_0238 (640x357)

Dinner by the fire in frosty temperatures.

After a couple of days of the -4.c in Omeo, we move beachside and enjoy a sunny 20.c day.  It’s the first day we do not do much.  Picnic blanket and toys in the sun, playing in the sand and a jog on the beach.  More magic.

DSC_0249 (640x510)

Lunch in the sun with dinosaurs at Marlo.

Exercise is free thinking time for me and I decided whilst jogging along the mouth of the Snowy River, that I need the exercise for my mental health just as much as my physical health.  We are finding we don’t have the free time we thought we would.  Unlike being at home where kids have a safe place to play while chores are done, here we need to supervise constantly and Justin and I are occupied almost 100% of the time.  At night we sit on our bed while the kids muck around and drive us crazy before finally going to sleep.

DSC_0241 (640x360)

Argh the relief when they finally fall asleep.

What we need is a safe place for the kids to play freely – so we can too.  And I think we have found it.

Eden, south NSW coast.  We arrived today and think we’ll stay here a while.

DSC_0274 (640x360)

Happily occupied kids, next to ‘nannies van’ (behind Kynan) at our lakeside campsite in Eden.



  1. G’day Travelers
    I am absolutely loving the blog, and i think i can tell by your writing Lynita that you are beginning to settle into the nomadic lifestyle. Keep safe and safe travels Cheers Ryan


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