Is this ‘living the dream’?

It’s over two weeks since we left home and the days are starting to blend.

2016-07-01 15.16.22 (463x640)

Killing time in Albury Botanic Gardens. The last overnight stop on the Brisbane – Melbourne road trip

From previous holidays with kids we’ve learnt that big changes means things get harder before they get easier.  Thank goodness for that knowledge, it’s the only thing that got us through the first week in the caravan.  It barely stopped raining for three days (welcome to Melbourne winter) and the tantrums / whining seemed to continue day after day from before sunrise to way past sunset.  Leora has burst tiny blood vessels on her face from an hour long tantrum last night that left me too emotionally drained to blog as I had intended.


But! We seem to have turned the corner and things have improved.  It’s still not easy, but we are finding our rhythm of living together 24/7 in a small space.

2016-07-07 08.01.06 (640x360)

One way of dealing with the space issue is increasing the screen time.

That space is small too.  And there are lots of buttons at kid level that shouldn’t be played with – fuse box and oven come to mind.  On our second night in the van, I left Justin on kid duty to drink wine with my cousins.  An hour later I returned for more wine, expecting kids to be asleep… As I quietly open the caravan door, I’m hit by an odd aroma. A cross between cloves and garam masala.  What has Justin been snacking on?!  I tip toe in and am surprised to hear 2 kids STILL awake.  I grab a bottle and just as I open the door to leave I hear a sound, familiar, but I can’t place it.  Then the penny drops – the sound of a spice bottle being opened.  Oh SHITE.  I fling back the makeshift curtain to be greeted by two pairs of eyes SURROUNDED by dust: cinnamon, garam masala, cayenne pepper.  The cushions a lovely shade of brown.  Kynan instantly falls flat on his face and plays statues, Leora smiles.  I pick up the once full salt shaker – empty.  If only I had my camera in that moment.  I blink for a minute trying to work out how to deal with this and then throw the kids outside (not literally, for the record) and tell them they are sleeping out there.  I start stripping beds.  Kynan bellows, Leora pats him on the back.  Oh the joys of small spaces.

2016-07-07 14.32.43 (640x360)

Glitter pens and a picnic table score from the op shop.  Happy days.

Fun has been had: we spent hours in the children’s garden at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens; got sandy at St Kilda beach under a winter sun and went spying little penguins; saw a (children’s) show; have visited Melbourne aquarium; and most importantly caught up with lots of Melbourne family and friends.

Now to plan the next move….

2016-07-07 16.12.32 (640x336)

Leora stylin’ on another op shop score.

2016-07-07 16.18.33 (640x392)

Kynan showing Leora how it’s done.

2016-07-09 14.45.10 (640x356)

St Kilda beach


  1. Love it! We bought a van after camping for 6 years in the rain, I know exactly how kids get in small spaces.

    Where was Justin?

    I’m loving your lifestyle and would love to do something similar over a Xmas holiday break.

    Where’s the waves at st Kilda?

    How are the big people coping and how long are you planning to be nomads for?


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