Giving up a good life

In three days, I will jump in a car and drive away from happiness.  By choice.  After over a decade of planning we begin the journey to life afloat.  But right now, I’m intensely sad about leaving what I have.

Life is good:

For 10 years I’ve been an entomologist technician (read: research with insects). I love my job and I work with the most amazing people.  I will miss them most.

IMGP3436 (480x640)

Searching for insects in Northern Territory

My kids attend a fantastic daycare with loving carers.

2016-06-16 15.48.31 (360x640)

Kids at West End daycare centre

I commute by bike or foot which gives me enormous amounts of pleasure, incidental exercise, and uninterrupted thinking time.

Read to head home from daycare

Ready to head home from daycare

I will miss our regular activities like meeting friends at the markets and swimming lessons (catch ups with other mums).

Walking and riding and 'push please daddy' to the West End markets.

Walking and riding and ‘push please daddy’ to the West End markets.

We have a wonderful circle of friends.  Our catch ups aren’t so frequent nowadays and tend to be centred around playgrounds rather than kitesurfing locations or coffee shops, but they are still good.  Come visit peeps!

Our neighbours are fantastic and have been known to drop in with wine and toys when the toddler tantrums are in full swing.

I have a first class view for every meal – which makes those dinner time tantrums more bearable!

Jacaranda season is magical. That's our balcony on the left

Jacaranda season is magical. Our balcony on the left

Good bye good life.  I have a gazillion bags to pack, no time for nostalgia.

One comment

  1. Thanks for writing this Lynita. I hope you continue it so we can all have some idea of the challenges and changes this new life will bring. I know I can’t even imagine it. This also reminds me that I have been meaning to call you for several weeks and that I’ve now run out of time.
    Please continue as this will also be a fascinating diary to show your gorgeous ones when they are older and they might be able to juxtapose their memories of the time with yours.
    Love to you and all,


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